> On 16 Aug 2006, at 11:35, beno - wrote:
> >So...
> >* I cannot find any IP addresses in Z2.log that these clients would  
> >be using to access their sites.
> >* I can find plenty of examples of my own IP address, so I know  
> >it's logging correctly.
> >Therefore, it would appear that the requests coming from these  
> >clients aren't reaching Zope. DO YOU AGREE WITH THAT CONCLUSION?

(Note that Z2.log only includes requests for which a response
is sent to the client.  If for some reason a response is not
sent (e.g. the zope thread hangs, or the client disconnects)
nothing will be logged even though a request did reach zope.
But this may not be relevant to your situation, I don't know.)

I've not used Pound. Does it log IP addresses? Have you looked
at that log?

> >However, if they *aren't* reaching Zope, why do they receive a  
> >screen message like this: "Zope \n Welcome to Web.vi" where web.vi  
> >is my personal site?

This is not a message that a default zope installation creates.
So where does it come from? I've no idea.
Is it possible that you've configured something other than zope to generate
such a message?  e.g. pound?


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