beno wrote:
Well, all I know is that Pound has a strong following of Zopistas that use it in combination with Zope (and without Apache) for high volume production work and seem to be happy.

"strong" by who's definition? The odd numpty who asserts random statements that happen to fit themselves without any factual basis whatsoever?
Pound is also supported :)

er, yeah... or something...

warning: product requires intellect to operate

That is because Zope is an application server, not a web server.
Whatever, but if I don't need cgi scripts, what do I care?

You mistake is thinking that anyone here actually cares what you care...

that is what it serves). So, the token "yourMailHost" refers to the mail
host name and the "yourDomain" refers to the domain name, so to send me
mail, you make an SMTP connection to "".
Ah! So *that's* what it meant! Thank you!


(the last definition on


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