Steve wrote:
I'm just starting to look at Zope as a potential platform to implement a simple authenticated web site... however I do not want to face users with the standard web-browser dialogue, but rather my own log-in page.  I've established how to restrict access based upon permissions etc... and I'm able to set/reset cookies based a form submission - but do not see how to integrate an HTML login page with the standard Zope security.

I've read that I should use the "Cookie Crumbler" product... but after I've added this to the folder that I intend to protect, I click on cookie_authentication (the default name for the "Cookie Crumbler" object) and I get the following error message:

An error was encountered while publishing this resource.

*Error Type: AttributeError*
*Error Value: aq_parent*


Is this a bug with "Cookie Crumbler" (version 0.3 downloaded from used against Zope 2.9.4, python 2.4.3, win32)?
Am I barking up the wrong tree in hoping to have a slick-looking "logon" page?  Is this something commonly done using Zope?  Is "Cookie Crumbler" the right product?  Would I be better hand-coding this myself?

Thats a weird one ...  but cookie crumbler is great to get  custom login forms
Did you try deleting it and adding another (cookie_authentication object)  Maybe you added a property thats non-existent? (login page id or something?)

you can produce a fuller error traceback

If necessary add
  <dtml-var error_tb>
to your standard_error_message (if using dtml) for a clearer error _expression_

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