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Max M wrote:
Jonathan skrev:

Well the problem is that Zope 2 was never easy for beginners either.
And by now it is starting to get phased out for Zope 3.

This is the first I have heard about Zope 2 being phased out...

Well .. get used to it then ;-)

Z2 will keep on being maintained until it is replaced by Z3. The goal of
the zope developers is not about keeping Z2 and Z3 running for as long
as possible. Only for as long as necessary.

Z2 is still being maintained, and will be for a long time. But the
development is all moving in the direction of Z3.

Read the changelog of the latest Z2 releases. They are practially only
about bugfixes and Z3 integration. Core Zope 2 development has
practically grinded to a halt. New developments are taking place in Zope 3.

How is that not an outphasing?

I would actually bet on Jim's "door #3" (Zope2 reabsorbing Zope3) as a
more likely outcome.  Five years later, the number of production
installations of Zope3 compared to Zope2 is statistically insignificant;
the use of Zope3 technology within Zope2, however, is growing by leaps
and bounds.

+1 I think this is a very realistic/feasible option. The installed base of Zope 2 applications is too large for Zope 2 to disappear, and porting Zope 2 applications to Zope 3 is not practical. I am hoping that "Door #3" is the winning door!

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