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On Tue, Nov 07, 2006 at 03:14:40AM -0800, Nancy Donnelly wrote:
>> That helped a lot! I yahoo'd (can't google any more since they've sold out to the interests gathering >> our personal data for Homeland Security) "put_factory" and got this code snippet:
>> if ext == 'dtml':
>>   from OFS.DTMLDocument import DTMLDocument
>>   return DTMLDocument( '', __name__=name )
>> So...how would I rewrite that to change it into a page template? And, more importantly, where is >> the documentation to do so? Yahooing didn't help on this. I went to my Zope installation to:
>> {INSTALLATION}/lib/python/OFS
>> to hunt around, but no script pointing to some "PTDocument" like there is with DTML.

> I think you want ZopePageTemplate from lib/python/Products/PageTemplates/

Hmm. Looking in that I find these two files that *might* be appropriate:


The latter is a wrapper for the former. The former defines the following class:

class PageTemplate(Base):

If this is the class I want to use, why only one argument? My example above cites exactly two arguments. And it is not a "base" I need to pass, is it?

The latter defines the following class:

class ZopePageTemplate(Script, PageTemplate, Historical, Cacheable,
                       Traversable, PropertyManager):
Why so many arguments? It doesn't look like those are any of the arguments I need to pass. None of the other files in that folder appeared to make sense, either.

I confess I'm still quite green at programming, so if I'm wrong, please don't be too harsh ;) Any direction would be appreciated.

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