I have a Zope 2.8.8 for which I've developed a product that creates an object called Collection that is defined like this::

 class Collection(BTreeFolder2, CatalogAware):
     meta_type = COLLECTION_METATYPE
     def __init__(self, id, **other_stuff):
         apply(BTreeFolder2.__init__, (self, id), {})
         # set other_stuff

When in the ZMI, if I try to create an object (eg. Image) using the dropdown I get 404 with: Cannot locate object at: http://localhost:8080/Site/collectionA/manage_addProduct/OFSP

If I try to do it in code like this::

 def _uploadPhoto(self, file):
     adder = self.manage_addProduct['Photo'].manage_addPhoto
     adder('photo', '', file, **photo_settings)

Then I get this error::

File "/home/peterbe/zope/zope288/Products/Mest/ProductPhotoBase.py", line 122, in uploadPhoto
    self._addProductPhoto(photo_id, unicodify(comment).strip(), photofile)
File "/home/peterbe/zope/zope288/Products/Mest/ProductPhotoBase.py", line 130, in _addProductPhoto
    photo_adder = self.manage_addProduct['Photo'].manage_addPhoto
File "/home/peterbe/zope/zope288/lib/python/App/FactoryDispatcher.py", line 26, in __getitem__
    return self.__bobo_traverse__(None, name)
File "/home/peterbe/zope/zope288/lib/python/App/FactoryDispatcher.py", line 29, in __bobo_traverse__
AttributeError: LazyMap instance has no attribute '_product'

Any idea anyone?

PS. I've enpseudo coded the code a bit to explain the problem clearer.

Peter Bengtsson,
work www.fry-it.com
home www.peterbe.com
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