Dieter Maurer wrote:
Peter Bengtsson wrote at 2006-12-4 11:52 +0000:
File "/home/peterbe/zope/zope288/Products/Mest/", line 130, in _addProductPhoto
    photo_adder = self.manage_addProduct['Photo'].manage_addPhoto
File "/home/peterbe/zope/zope288/lib/python/App/", line 26, in __getitem__
    return self.__bobo_traverse__(None, name)
File "/home/peterbe/zope/zope288/lib/python/App/", line 29, in __bobo_traverse__
AttributeError: LazyMap instance has no attribute '_product'

Apparently, something at or above your "Collection" instance
defines a "_getProducts" -- as something to return a catalog search

Now, "_getProducts" is assumed to be provided by the Zope application
object and not by any intermediate instance. As you see, Zope's
product accessing breaks when this requirement is violated.

Identify the "_getProducts" and rename it.

You're right!! I do. I have a method called exactly that which returns products as in purchasable products.

Thanks a million! You're a star!

Peter Bengtsson,
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