Andreas Jung wrote at 2006-12-17 10:32 +0100:
> ...
>> When I worked for a newspaper about 7 years ago, we implemented
>> something like this (internet based editorial system for a magazine
>> with internet presentation of the magazine editions) within 2 weeks
>> with 2 to 3 persons assigned to the project -- i.e. with about
>> 24 person days or 200 person hours.
>> *However*, the project conditions have been optimal:
>..and the times have changed: we now have different technologies

which may reduce the required time -- otherwise, you simply forget
about the new technologies and stick with the old ones.

>different requirements.


 >So such numbers - without knowing about the 
>requirements - are dust and smoke.

Looks like you think a bit too much in "black and white" categories:

  Even when I do not know many details, I can still provide some hints.

  To stay with your "car" example: When I hear that someone wants a new
  car, I can predict that he will probably at least need 3.000 dollars
  even when he did not yet specify precise details about the wanted car.
  Of course, if his car should win the Formular One competition, this
  will quickly get 30 million dollars.

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