Nico Grubert wrote at 2007-1-15 13:22 +0100:
>I am running Zope 2.9.6. on a 64-Bit Suse Linux 10.1 machine (9 Gbyte of 
>RAM) with Python 2.4.3. installed.
> From time to time, Zope hangs and I cannot access it anymore. I tried 
>to use the "Zope DeadlockDebugger" but if my Zope hangs I cannot call 
>the URL "http://myzopesite:8080/manage_debug_threads?secret_password"; to 
>let Zope DeadlockDebugger show any useful information. Zope does not 
>If Zope hangs, the python process eats all the memory and the machine 
>starts to swap.

Then, this is a case where you need debugging on C level, e.g. with "GDB".

You need a Python version with debug symbols (those installations
that come with the OS distribution usually lack them, you need
to build your Python yourself -- and with it your Zope).

Then you attach the Zope process (the top level process, in case
that threads show as processes as well) when the problem occurs
and analyse its threads -- especially the one that is running
when you attached.

If the problem occurs in Python (which is unlikely), then I can
provide you with GDB command definitions to analyse the Python
call chain (the Python traceback) from the C-level backtrace.
> ...
>These kind of Conflict errors occur almost every minute.
>It might be that these errors have something to do with it but I am not 

This is another problem -- probably unrelated to the hangs.

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