I've an old product, based on zclass and zope 2.6, I would like to optimize (as possibile) the insert and cataloging of a zclass.

Now I use this scripts:

form that creates the request ->

<dtml-let ut="_.SecurityGetUser().getUserName()">
<dtml-with "manage_addProduct['Dafne']">
<dtml-with "dafne_item_add(_.None,_,NoRedir=1)">


<dtml-with "dafne_item.createInObjectManager(REQUEST['identificativo'], REQUEST)"> <- just set an id for the class

<dtml-call "propertysheets.metadati.manage_editProperties( REQUEST)"> <- edit properties

<dtml-call "manage_permission('Cambia il contenuto dei dafne',('Manager','Owner',),acquire=0)"> <- set permission and roles

<dtml-call "manage_addLocalGroupRoles(ut,['guardone'],REQUEST)">

<dtml-if expr="pubblici == '1'"> <- anonymous can view?

<dtml-call "manage_permission('View',('Anonymous',),acquire=0)">


<dtml-call "manage_permission('View',('Manager','Owner','guardone',),acquire=0)">


<dtml-call "manage_permission('Change Images and Files',('Manager','Owner'),acquire=0)"> <dtml-call "manage_permission('Add Documents, Images, and Files',('Manager','Owner',),acquire=0)"> <dtml-call "manage_permission('Add ExtFiles',('Manager','Owner',),acquire=0)"> <dtml-call "manage_permission('Change ExtFile/ExtImage',('Manager','Owner'),acquire=0)">

* Can optimize here? *
<dtml-call unindex_object> <- my catalog is not called Catalog but catalog, so I've read I've to do this three steps
<dtml-call "manage_editCataloger('catalog', REQUEST)">
<dtml-var  index_object>
* *

* do redirecting*
<dtml-comment> Now we need to return something.  We do this via
               a redirect so that the URL is correct.

               Unfortunately, the way we do this depends on
               whether we live in a product or in a class.
               If we live in a product, we need to use DestinationURL
               to decide where to go. If we live in a class,
               DestinationURL won't be available, so we use URL2.

<dtml-if NoRedir>
 <dtml-if DestinationURL>

  <dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect(


   <dtml-call "RESPONSE.redirect(

Any idea? TIA!
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