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I'm looking for several differnt approaches to probably a fairly
simple problem.

I have a Zope site running behind apache rewrite rules.


That site needs to be publically accessable.

A subdomain site (for development):


needs to be accessable only to a team of developers, and by no one

The developers may or may not have static IPs and move around quite a
bit, so limiting access to a set of IPs is not a good option.

Another possibility is making the whole (plone site) private, but
that changes some key behaviors that we are working on.

I'm looking for alternate approaches to making the subdomain only
accessable to the developer team. Any suggestions?

Why don't you run two separate zope instances, one for production and one for development, and set up the apache rewrite rules so that www points to the production instance and dev points to the development instance? This way you can mess around with the development version as much as you want (ie. run in debug mode, start/stop zope, etc) without impacting the production version.

Viability of this approach will depend somewhat on the hardware you are running on.

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