I have a couple questions about the current game plan for Zope development
that I was unable to answer for myself by searching through mailing list
archives and the zope.org website. I hope my inability to answer them is not
merely a symptom of poor search term choices, and I hope someone can answer
them for me.

I've posted a couple times before (a long time ago) about the large web
application I work on; it's many hundreds of KLOC and an unfortunately large
percentage of it is DTML. It's still more or less in that state; the
realities of being a for-profit business in a rapidly evolving marketplace
permit very little time for maintenance or aggressive refactoring of the
application. That's the background for my questions; I'm trying to figure
out how loudly I can shout "Impending doom!" to upper management without
endangering my credibility.

1. Last time I talked to anyone from Zope Corp, the plan was to quiesce Zope
2 in favor of Zope 3. At that time, I think I remember people saying
2.9would be the last in the Zope 2 series. Now there's a
2.10, so clearly it wasn't. How long does a business like mine have before
there is no clear upgrade path in the Zope 2 series? Is 2.10 now the final
Zope 2 release, or will there be a 2.11 and 2.12?

2. Whenever someone asks about moving an existing application from Zope 2 to
Zope 3, there's a round of flip "oh you'll hafta start over" responses. I
understand that the two architectures are fundamentally different, and that
I'll need to rebuild my object database, etcetera. Am I also correct in
believing that all products must be completely rewritten, and that DTML is
no longer a supported templating language? Has the users/roles/permissions
security structure disappeared or been supplanted? I am trying to ascertain
at a glance how much we will need to rebuild for ourselves; if it's enough
then the problems we have had with Zope (poor scaling, poor integration with
source control) may outweigh the advantages of remaining on the platform.

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