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On 14 Feb 2007, at 22:18, Geoff Gerrietts wrote:
1. Last time I talked to anyone from Zope Corp, the plan was to quiesce Zope 2 in favor of Zope 3. At that time, I think I remember people saying 2.9 would be the last in the Zope 2 series. Now there's a 2.10, so clearly it wasn't. How long does a business like mine have before there is no clear upgrade path in the Zope 2 series? Is 2.10 now the final Zope 2 release, or will there be a 2.11 and 2.12?

Zope Corp ceased to be a determining factor in Zope's future a long time ago. You should ask developers and Jim Fulton in his capacity as the Zope czar, not some company.

2. Whenever someone asks about moving an existing application from Zope 2 to Zope 3, there's a round of flip "oh you'll hafta start over" responses. I understand that the two architectures are fundamentally different, and that I'll need to rebuild my object database, etcetera. Am I also correct in believing that all products must be completely rewritten, and that DTML is no longer a supported templating language? Has the users/roles/permissions security structure disappeared or been supplanted? I am trying to ascertain at a glance how much we will need to rebuild for ourselves; if it's enough then the problems we have had with Zope (poor scaling, poor integration with source control) may outweigh the advantages of remaining on the platform.

You must rewrite your application. DTML still exists, but ZPT is encouraged. The upgrade path is made less "catastrophic" by the fact that you can already integrate more and more Zope 3 technologies into your Zope 2 product now. Zope 2 does not have any defined "end of life", but you can make your application more future-proof by getting acquanted with those Zope 3 bits that are usable from within Zope 2 today.


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