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Subject: [Zope] Error Tracing in Zope 2.6

Can anyone give me some pointers on tracing errors in Zope 2.6?

I'm already using the DTML var "error-tb" or whatever it is.  And that
can be helpful at times.  But I was wondering if there's some other
way to pinpoint which line in the DTML file is throwing the error.

I'm moving my Zope setup from Linux to Windows and apparently there
are some syntax that needs to change when migrating over (aside from
my SQL command, since I'm going from Oracle to MS SQL Server).  Some
of these files are big, and there's a done of files to go through, so
going through by hand is just not an option.

If anyone can give me some pointers to more specifically locate
erroneous lines, or if you can give me some tips on what syntax to
look out for during the migration, I'd really appreciate it.

The easiest thing to do is look in the error_log (ZMI, root folder).

That will provide a full traceback for errors. If you can not determine the cause of the errors yourself, you can post specific questions/tracebacks.

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