The error_log isn't helping.  Apparently if your error is being caught
in a try block and uses an standard_error_page to show you the
exception and traceback it doesn't get logged in the error_log.

Is there anyway to maybe increase the traceback output from the
error_tb variable to traceback all the way to the DTML Method file?
I'll I get in traceback info is the traceback through the last few
*.py files, usually ending in the file since the page in
practically all enclosed in a try block.  Very rarely does that
traceback prove useful unless the exception occurred in a PythonScript
that was called.

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> The event_log isn't recording anything about the Zope error I'm
> getting on the page I have issues with.  Is there a setting that I'm
> missing maybe?

In the error_log (ZMI, root folder), there is a field called 'Ignored
exception types'.  Remove any entries in this field and 'save changes'.

Your dtml errors should now be captured in the error_log.


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