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On Thursday 08 March 2007 17:27, Tino Wildenhain wrote:
Gaute Amundsen schrieb:
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First I got a ValueError 'query' when using a very simple zsql method.
(consisting of only "<dtml-var sql >")
Thats a very bad idea. Better make zsql methods
for every query

I know the orthodoxy :-/
I'd rather have a proper DB library, (or model layer, if you will) and build my SQL in python.

So you want to use SQLAlchemy? Feel free to write a product
as wrapper :-)

To build anything complex or generalized in dtml is a PAIN.

Is it? Can you come up with examples?

And a sea of too specific templates is even worse.

Well from some level of complexity you could also use
database functions. But if its so complex, why using

instead of rebuilding your own (obviously not working) templating for SQL.

I's not a template, it's a wrapper to get around the whole mess.
A hack in fact ;)

If a template this simple "<dtml-var sql >" is "obviously not working"
then it is ZSQLMethods that have a problem, not me.

No, the content of your variable sql is wrong :-)
<dtml-var sql> would indeed work if it contains valid sql

(it's working fine now.)

Quoting is done automatically when you use <dtml-sqlvar ...>

I can use sql_quote when I need to, thankyou.

this does not need to work identical - but current
adaptors indeed do their handmade quoting.

The only thing that I worry about is transaction support.
"insert foo; select last_inserted" works when built inside the template with dtml, but not with the exact same statement passed to this "wrapper".
Probably another bug, but I have not taken time to dig properly into it yet.

Yes, MySQL doesnt want ; as sql-delimiter. It rather wants \0 and sql
methods hack around it for you if you put the template there.

Transactions are maintained thrughout your session (read: request)
so there is no need to squeeze it all into one ZSQL call. Every
subsequent ZSQL call inside your request will be in the same
database transaction.

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