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Subject: Re: [Zope] External Methods and Authentication error

External Method:

# threadFolder is a BTreeFolder2; viewCount is a property
field on the BTreeFolder2

line 3227: threadFolder = self.unrestrictedTraverse(topFolder + forumId +
'/' + threadId)
line 3228:    threadFolder.manage_changeProperties({'viewCount':


line 299:       def manage_changeProperties(self, REQUEST=None, **kw):
line 317:        if REQUEST:
line 318:            message="Saved changes."
line 319:            return self.manage_propertiesForm(self,REQUEST,
line 320:

I see: the "DTML" object is "manage_propertiesForm" and there is
no nameclash.

The "manage_changeProperties" method has a somewhat awkward behaviour.
In general, you should not pass it a positional argument but always
keyword arguments. If you pass a positional argument, it takes it
for "REQUEST" and usually does the wrong thing.

If you have the arguments in a dictionary "d", use

Thanks Dieter, that makes sense and clears up the situation entirely!

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