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Alan wrote:
> Thanks Jonathan, I can understand your point. So I will google for a
> way (example/tutorial) of how integrating javascript in a zpt.
> Cheers,
> Alan
> On 22/03/07, Jonathan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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>>> The answer to your question is Yes if there's no other way of clicking
>>> on a link and open an image in a fitted new window of my browser that
>>> zope can cope without using javascript.
>>> But putting in other words what I really would like to know: does zope
>>> have its own way of clicking on a link and open an image in a fitted
>>> new window without buttons, address field etc.?
>> Zope only performs server-side actions.  What you are describing are actions
>> that occur on the client-side (ie. on the user's pc/browser), therefore you
>> must use client-side tools (ie. javascript).

The only trick here is to get the javascript to include the "dynamic"
URL;  everything else is not specific to Zope or ZPT.  Here is the hack
I usually use for that::

  <!-- assumes that 'image' is bound to an actual Zope image object -->
  <script type="text/javascript" lang="JavaScript"
          tal:define="img_url image/absolute_url"
          tal:content="string:var img_url='${img_url}';"></script>

Your popup javascript can then refer to the 'img_url' JS variable to set
the window location.

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