Tres Seaver schrieb:
The only trick here is to get the javascript to include the "dynamic"
URL;  everything else is not specific to Zope or ZPT.  Here is the hack
I usually use for that::

  <!-- assumes that 'image' is bound to an actual Zope image object -->
  <script type="text/javascript" lang="JavaScript"
          tal:define="img_url image/absolute_url"
          tal:content="string:var img_url='${img_url}';"></script>

Your popup javascript can then refer to the 'img_url' JS variable to set
the window location.

A little bit cleaner approach would be to have an ordinary link:

<a class="magnify" href="path/to/big/image"><img src="path/to/thumbnail" width, height ... /></a>

and have a general javascript which scans thru the DOM after load,
finds the a-objects with class-attribute magnify and installs
an handler for mouse click which overrides the usual link action
and either pops up a window or uses layers the big view on top
with little DOM action (preferred). You dont even net buzzy "Ajax"
for this. The URL for the big picture is just encoded in the HTML
already, so you can use the usual tal: attributes to define in

The result is clean xhtml code which works in any case and only
is improved in case of javascript beeing available.

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