One 'kickstart' way to get started with something that will build out a Zope environment in a repeatable way on UNIX (Linux/BSD/Mac/ probably Solaris) is available at buildit_example-20070314-1.tgz. It requires "buildit" at http:// . We use this to allow individual developers to have dev instances on their own systems.

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On Mar 25, 2007, at 8:44 AM, Marco Bizzarri wrote:

On 3/25/07, Roberto Scelzo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi all,
we are developing a couple of zope apps which now
are becoming pretty complex and, unfortunately,
up to now we're developing TTW since we
haven't yet find
a smart & fast way to do our job avoiding the ZMI.
We've searched a lot around but never found a nice guidence or howto...

It'll be nice to develop by eclipse...
Anyways, since the last upgrade (zope 2.9) even the external editor
doesn't work anymore. (sob...)

Someone suggested us to use a FS dump product, another one instead pointed
to zope FS products, but, is there any
article/howto on how to make group development/debugging of middle/ large
sized zope apps
a nice and confortable experience?

Thank you!

It depends a lot on what you're looking for. You have a number of
different challenges, when you have a team working on a medium to
complex Zope application. I can provide some suggestions based on our
experience with PAFlow, which is the largest application we've
developed so far.

1) develop your application as one or more file system based product;

2) once your application is a file system based product, set up an
svn/cvs for your team;

3) give one or more instance to each of your developer, where he/she
can deploy the application and test it without interfering with the
work of the others; deploy your products inside the Products directory
of the instance, not inside the general Products directory;

4) use Eclipse + PyDev as a development environment;

5) keep in mind that while you're developing your application it will
happen that you will have to test with different releases of Zope, and
you should be able to do so in a simple way.

Hope this can help. I can provide more details on our working
enviroment, if you're interested.


Marco Bizzarri
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