Hi Zopistas!

Yesterday evening I installed 2.10.3 for some tests with Zwiki (haven't
tried any of the other 2.10s). I noticed that the wiki logo wasn't
displayed. I think I narrowed it down to the "default" keyword in
tal:replace being treated like "nothing".

**** My testcase (in a blank ZPT):

[<img src=""; 
tal:replace="structure here/notexists|default" />]

[<img src=""; 
tal:replace="structure default" />]

[<img src=""; 
tal:replace="default" />]

**** Expected behaviour:
In 2.9 these render to 3 little zpt.gif icons in []. Rendered source:
[<img src=""; />]

[<img src=""; />]

[<img src=""; />]

**** What I got:
In 2.10.3 this renders to the html source:



I tested on two machines, but both Mac OS X 10.4 (one PPC, one Intel),
so I'd be glad if someone could try and reproduce it, to see if it's
just on "my" OS / machine combination. If it is, I will of course submit
it to the Collector. Of course if the expected behaviour has changed,
then I must have missed that information.



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