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Subject: [Zope] Auto Cataloging my ZCatalog


I have a ZCatalog that my users use to catalog there news articles which are (DTML Documents). I have already explained it to them to always input the id for the new DTML Documents under "with ids" section on the Find Objects tab on the ZMI to catalog new articles. But most time they will not and they end up cataloging the entire articles which runs to 13,000 records.

What i want is either to be able to display error when the "with ids" is missing on Find Objects form or to be able to automate it. For example use a python code. I am new to python but very eager to learn.

One possible approach:

- I would not allow end-users access to the ZMI.

- Have users interact with the application through a menu driven interface

- Use a series of forms to collect data, then use python scripts/external methods to create/store objects (eg. your DTML Documents) and update the ZCatalog(s).

This sound interesting, but i do not have an idea of how to use python/ external method to create/store objects. I will appreciate if you can point me to links or articles that have treated something similar.

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