Hi Joerg,

Thank you for the tips to install Abracadabra. I have also installed PropertyTools. I tried to follow the tutorial to in the read me file "building contact-database" for PropertyTools.

a.. Create a folder called contacts.
a.. Create a "standard_object_folder" in contacts.
a.. Enter the "standard_object_folder", add a PropertyTools-Object and edit the property-sheet. Add new properties "email", "homepage" and "phone" as string-types. a.. Go to the Manage-Tab: Set Object-Type = Contact, Unlock "Extensible Properties".
a.. Enter your contacts folder.
a.. Create a Catalog with id=Catalog.
a.. Add some contacts with the AbracadabraObject.

At this point i was expecting that the contacts i added to auto catalog. But nothing like that happened.

Is there something i was missing out.

What i want is this:

I have 2 Zcatalogs current_catalog and archive _catalog.
I use current_catalog to store only current articles. What I do everyday is to create the articles (DTML Doc), clear the current_catalog and catalog the new artcles using the article_id. My problem here is that even if I am succeeded in making the articles to auto catalog, how do i handle the issue of clearing the catalog before cataloging the new ones. I have about 13,000 articles in one of the sections and this is reason behind having 2 Zcatalogs. The site displays the current articles to visitors therefore i have to streamline the number of records in the current_catalog.

Having it in mind that just few visitors want to view the old or previous artcles, the archive_catalog is use to serve it.

I will appreciate any assistance you could render to me.


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Hi Kamal,

I have a ZCatalog that my users use to catalog there news articles which
are (DTML Documents). I have already explained it to them to always
input the id for the new DTML Documents under "with ids" section on the
Find Objects tab on the ZMI to catalog new articles. But most time they
will not and they end up cataloging the entire articles which runs to
13,000 records.

I am a big fan of PropertyTools and Abracadabra, to be found on


PropertyTool allows you to define Objects (e.g. Text documents) that are
catalog-aware, e.g. index themselfes, without doing any coding.

Your users would then copy such template objects into the folders where
the content is to be stored. Abracadabra helps a lot with this 'copy and
paste' machinery.



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