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Subject: [Zope] acquisition failure puuzzle or maybe something else

I have a dtml method is a folder C and a folder setup


In the dtml method, there is a call to a script passing in a composed
string made up of variables passed in through request inside of a

<dtml-let  someval="scripts.cleanfilename(cgivar1+'_'+cgivar2)"
            --- methods that use someval ---

a pattern we have used in many places without a problem.

In this particular case, Zope throws an error
    File "<string>", line 1, in <expression>
  AttributeError: cleanfilename

The failing line is (literally)

 <dtml-let sname="scripts.cleanfilename(user_lastname+'_'+user_firstname)"

What are the values of cgivar1 and cgivar2 when the error is thrown? (ie. does the cgivar1+'_'+cgivar2 code evaluate to an illegal string - possible if someone enters a name with a character that will kill your code, such as o'neil)


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