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Thank you, that is cool but it isn't what I was looking for. My fault.
It is hard to describe. This may be called an indirect variable

I want the form to ask for the type of animal (hippo? giraffe?) and
send it to a python script. No problem here. I can write the form and
most of the script that is called. But this is where I have the

The python script will use the name of the animal to go down into the
proper folder and call vaccinateplan() on all the items in that
folder. The key line in the python script is:

print context.Vet.category.animal.vaccinateplan()

That runs the vaccinateplan script on the folder which has a folder id
of either 'hippo' or 'girafee'. And it is in the folder named by the
variable category and in the folder named 'Vet'

There is no folder with the id of 'category' or 'animal'

I'm sorry my explanations are not clear. And I shouldn't have used the
hippo and girafee example from the zope book because that is doing
something a little different. Below is the directory structure I am
thinking of.

|       |
|        ----hippo
|        ----girafee
|---small Animal

If you are dealing with a form then you could just direct the 'action' to point to the 'vacinateplan' script, then use REQUEST['animal'] or REQUEST.form['animal']

Alternatively... if u restructure your URLs so that they look like:

www.xyz.com/vacinateplan/hippo  or
www.xyz.com/vacinateplan/giraffe  etc

Then you can set up your python script ("vacinateplan") to access the 'animal' variable as follows:

print traverse_subpath[0]

It is also possible that i am unclear on your use case!


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