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Ricardo Newbery wrote at 2008-1-29 01:19 -0800:
Apologies for jumping late in this thread but how precisely should
"App.FindHomes" be imported?

Someone else reported about a ZEO patch that does the same thing
without a need to import "App.FindHomes".

If you have Zope installed and ZEO is running
in the Zope installation (shares its code), then "import App.FindHomes"
in sufficient to import "App.FindHomes".

Any plans to incorporate either of these solutions in the next release? I would like to avoid trying to explain how to do this to users of a third-party product that needs to be accessible to ZEO.

And a related question.  Any suggestions on how to support multiple
product directories like a non-zeo config?  I checked already and
zeo.conf doesn't appear to support the "products" directive.

"App.FindHomes" can be controlled via the envvar "PRODUCTS_PATH".
If defined, it is a "pathsep" separated sequence of directories
where Zope should look for products.
It may contain "%(XXXX)s" patterns with "XXXX" from
In these cases, the pattern is replaced by the corresponding path.

Ahh... this sounds good. So, assuming App.FindHomes in imported, then all I would need to explain is how to add the necessary "export" lines to zeo.conf? (or maybe zeoctl?)


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