Andrew Milton wrote:
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| Is it possible to execute a PageTemplate as if it was located somewhere | else?
| The PageTemplate has this code::
| <html><br tal:replace="here/absolute_url_path"/></html>
| | And it's located in a folder called /foo/bar/ which are normal Zope | Folder objects. | I'm executing this template object from Python code (not from URL | travsersal) and the rendered result is:
| <html>/foo/bar</html>
| | But what if I want to execute it as if it existed in another context, | e.g. /barfoo
| Is that possible?
| | I can imagine a some convoluted solutions but was hoping for something | easy and obvious that I've missed. ?

It's not done like that. I receive it the PageTemplate object as is already. I tried this::

 return apply(template_obj, (self.some.other.context, self.REQUEST), kw)

But that didn't work.

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