This is in reference to the PHParser/PHPGateway product, Version 1.1.5.

The PHParser/PHPGateway systgem looks to be a very useful product.  I want
to use it to bridge to a PHP implemented subsystem rather than either
translate the subsystem or run the subsystem as a separate package with
all the problems of handing off authentication, etc.

The latest version I could find is PHParser/Gateway 1.1.15.  I am using 
Zope 2.9.X under Linux with Python 2.4.  The Linux version is x86_64 
version of Centos 4.X, which is an RPM clone of RedHat.  I am using the 
system provided version of php, which I believe is the correct CGI enabled 
version, and have reviewed the php.ini for it, but have made no changes as 
changes did not seem to be necessary. 

I can execute independent PHP scripts using PHParser, but I have not been 
able to make PHPGateway work.  I set the document root directory, 
/opt/phpgate, in the create dialog.  There is an index.php file in the 
/opt/phpgate which, when executed, produces "Hello World".  When I view 
the PHPGateway object, I get the diagnostic:

PHPGateway cannot open the destination file.

The print trace (commented out in the product) produces:

PHPGATEWAY: self.__realname__ set to manage_interfaces
PHPGATEWAY: self.__realname__ set to manage_interfaces
PHPGATEWAY: docroot /opt/phpgate
PHPGATEWAY: pathsegs value: ['manage_interfaces']
PHPGATEWAY: Opening PHP script: /opt/phpgate/manage_interfaces
PHPGATEWAY: Requested for /draPlay/phpgate
PHPGATEWAY: Printing error page for: /opt/phpgate/manage_interfaces

Several other people have reported a similar problem with PHPGateway, but
I have been unable to find anyone reporting a fix.  Any pointers or
suggestions would be appreciated.


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