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Subject: [Zope] ZCatalog : Searching Multiple Indexes : Returning One Result

Hi, I have a catalog called "catalog" that contains a bunch of cataloged
items. I have indexed 3 properties for each item, "name", "body" and
"description". I'd like to be able to search the catalog in the following

if the word "text" shows up in any index, "name", "body" or "description",
return that result back once.

The problem is I have is that if a do a search for "text" and say there's
results that have the word "text" in one or more of those indexes:

catalog({name:query}) or catalog({body:query}) or
only gives back limited results (leaves out some 'True' hits) and:
catalog({name:query}) + catalog({body:query}) + catalog({description:query})
gives me back the same result 3 times.

any ideas? Thanks.

Something I saved from a long time ago post (warning untested) which may give you some ideas:

context.Catalog({'keywordindex': ['Value1', 'Value2']})
Catalog returns me an OR search instead of an AND one

Use "context.Catalog(keywordindex = {'query':[...], operator='and'})"
when you want to use the "and" operator.



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