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| It seems to me that it could be usefull to have a zope method for
| passing python pickles to external processes through a unix domain
| socket. My
| was to use this as a means to abstract a data base connection. Yes, I
| there are zsql methods, sqlalchemy and other products to do this. But
| my thought was to have a generilzed method for just passing a pickle
| to an external process that could do anything with it. Perhaps it
| could pass a
| to a queue that would handle the pickle if the site need some high
| volume handling of data.
| Then one could have another python process listening on the socket --
ready to
| receive pickles for zope.

Isn't this called ZEO? d8)

ZEO could be a model for this - but ZEO stores the pickles to zodb. What
if I wanted to queue the pickle up and take some kind of long term
processing action on it? Store it in a network file system -- which may
have a high write latency to, put it in a data base for which there were
no zope connectors, etc.

Please be _very_ detailed about your particular use. At least from what wrote so far: this sounds like an idea of the last century.


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