Chris Withers wrote at 2009-3-5 11:28 +0000:
>For one customer, I have a secondary storage server that copies repozo 
>backups, restores them and then runs fstest over the restored result 
>once every few hours.
>(I'd like to move to zeoraid, but it's not quite there yet!)
>On a few occasions recently, fstest has complained similar to the following:
>time-stamp reduction at 25557500079: 0x037c544b2c8defcc <= 

Are you using an old ZODB version?
Modern ZODB versions should no longer be able to produce this situation.

>What does this mean?

A "FileStorage" file is effectively a sequence of transaction logs.
The transaction id is usually a timestamp.

As a later transaction log entry is written later, its transaction
id (aka timestamp) should be leater as earlier transaction logs.
This is not the case in your storage.

In older ZODB versions, this should happen when your clock
jumped back into the past. Modern ZODB versions ensure
that transaction ids are strictly increasing (of course, then they
are no longer timestamps).

>Why does it appear to go away later?

It should only go away when the out-of-order transaction log entry
is deleted in a pack process.

>Should I be 
>worried about it?

The information in "ConflictError" log entries give you wrong
time information.
Also, packing may work differently than your expect (during
packing the transaction ids are interpreted as timestamps -- and
this requires that they truely reflect the time (which does not
jump into the past)).

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