Good morning all,

after further testing we noticed our Zope2 virtualenv setup was done with the 
ZMS3 (CMS) install routine using pip install ZMS3 --process-dependency-links. 
This installed different package versions.

The original pip Zope2 uses these versions:
The ZMS3 people use these versions:

For example, the ZMS3 setup uses:

        • ZopeUndo==4.0
        • ZODB==4.1.0
        • ZODB3==3.11.0

as the original Zope2 uses:

        • ZODB3==3.10.5

No ZEO, no ZODB packages.

Why is Zope2 using the old 3.10 ZODB version and why is there no ZODB4 
installed? ZEO server and clients still work fine without these packages.

The thing is, I notice a lot worse performance with the ZODB, especially with 
traversal, using the native Zope2 setup routine. Catalog search takes almost 
2-3 seconds compared to the ZMS3 versions with a local non-ZEO-Zope instance. 
With the ZMS3 versions ZODB usage is a LOT faster, but there are problems with 
Undo for example in combination with ZEO.

Any ideas on this? I don’t get this version jungle...


> Am 06.05.2015 um 07:42 schrieb Niels Dettenbach (Syndicat IT & Internet) 
> <>:
> Am 6. Mai 2015 01:24:50 MESZ, schrieb "Sebastian Tänzer" <>:
>> 2015-05-06 01:16:46 WARNING ZEO.zrpc (19205) CW: error connecting to
>> ('::1', 9999): ECONNREFUSED
>> 2015-05-06 01:16:46 INFO ZEO.ClientStorage zeostorage Testing
>> connection <ManagedClientConnection ('', 9999)>
>> 2015-05-06 01:16:46 INFO ZEO.zrpc.Connection('C') (
> hmm,
> just a small shot in the dark: Even if this "should" work too - why the 
> client tries to connect the IPv4 address of loopback and the error gives the 
> IPv6 of it back?
> I would try to eleminate this if possible and bring Zope down to IPv4 
> completely, because there are still many software libraries and applications 
> around (even some underlying os parts) which are not well tested with IPv6.
> If this solves your prob - no idea...
> hth a bit.
> cheerioh,
> Niels.
> -- 
> Niels Dettenbach
> Syndicat IT & Internet

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