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  Unpin Cheetah (http://plone.org/products/zopeskel/issues/45)

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    I cannot reproduce this.  Also, I would not expect such a
    VersionConflict error when running bin/zopeskel, but when
    easy_installing it or when running a buildout that installs it.

    Several people ran into problems *without* this version pin in
    October last year.  The reason Cheetah is pinned to 2.2.1 as a
    maximum, is because later versions have a dependency on Markdown.
    And Markdown depends on elementtree, but does not specify this.
    This only bytes you python2.4 though, as elementtree is already
    included in python2.5 and higher by default (in the xml.etree

    Ah, but this has been fixed in the latest Markdown 2.0.3.
    Easy_installing that version with python2.4 works, where earlier
    versions gave an error on install: markdown.MarkdownException:
    Failed to import ElementTree

    So it should be fine to remove the version pin in ZopeSkel now.
    One possible snag is that Plone 3 lists Markdown 1.7 in the
    versions.cfg, so a buildout that installs Plone 3 and ZopeSkel
    (for example the Universal Installer) might result in a broken
    buildout.  Indeed, I get this output when I try it:

    Got Cheetah

    The version, 1.7, is not consistent with the requirement,


      Installing zopeskel.

    Error: Bad version 1.7

    That is fixable by adding Cheetah=2.2.1 to the [versions] section
    in the buildout.cfg (the reverse of what you want to do in
    ZopeSkel) or by overriding Plone's versions.cfg to pin

    In short, removing the version pin for Cheetah from the setup.py
    of ZopeSkel would fix your problem, but it would introduce
    problems for others (and perhaps to you as well).  You could say
    the new problems are slightly preferable as they can at least be
    fixed by changing a buildout config instead of needing to hack in
    the setup.py file of a released egg if you want to fix it

    But your error still seems weird.  Can you try installing ZopeSkel
    in a clean virtualenv?  If that works, can you try figuring out
    where that Cheetah version is coming from, which package
    depends on that?

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