On Dec 1, 2010, at 3:48 PM, Alex Clark wrote:

> I'm afraid I'm already confused :-). Is templer.core the zopeskel 
> package renamed?

I wish it were a bit less confusing, but let me try to explain.

zopeskel as it currently exists will eventually be replaced by an empty egg 
which simply depends on all the various templer.whatever packages I am working 
on creating now.  That way, folks will still be able to 'easy_install zopeskel' 
and get exactly what they get now.  

However, because we are breaking the big zopeskel up into smaller templer 
pieces, someone could also easy_install templer.plone_core and get only the 
templates that help them to create plone namespace and plone.app namespace 
packages, or easy_install templer.plone_addons and get theme and add-on package 
templates, or perhaps easy_install templer.plone and get all of the 
plone-related templates.  

We can even start creating templates for other systems, so perhaps there might 
eventually be templates for pylons, django, grok, or whatever else is out 
there.  The core package really only includes the basics for a very simple 
namespace and nested namespace packages.  I'm even considering removing the 
zc.buildout recipe template that is currently there and putting it into a 
separate buildout base package so we can start templating buildouts for all 
sorts of systems.  I'm constantly throwing together quick buildouts for 
development work I'm doing in django.  I want a django buildout template :)

Anyway, I hope this helps make clear what is going on here.  Read the manifesto 
on splitting zopeskel in the trunk of the zopeskel code.  Joel Burton does a 
fantastic job of laying out the aims and rationale behind these moves.  I'm 
just the guy to whom the job fell.

Thanks for asking, and for taking a look.


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