More comments on the documentation inside node-reference.xq:

1. I think the definition of "immutable" should say:

i.e. a node identifier does not change during the node lifetime, and cannot be 
reused for another node after the original node gets deleted.

instead of just

i.e. a node identifier does not change during the node lifetime

2. I don't like this sentence:

"Identifiers are also unique, in that, two nodes with different identities will 
never have identical identifiers.". 

Identifiers are actually an implementation of the "node identity" concept 
defined by the w3c specs. So the above sentence is a tautology. I would say the 

"Identifiers are also unique, in that, two different nodes will never have the 
same identifier.".

3. When we say "any node", I don't think it is necessary to add "either 
temporary or stored in a collection". What is a "temporary" node after all? 
There is no definition for "temporary" or "persistent" nodes anywhere.

4. Should we say something about text nodes, eg, that their identifier is not 
really immutable and it can be used to dereference the node only during the 
same snapshot in which the identifier was retrieved?  

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