Review: Approve

I've added a ChangeLog comment.

I did NOT change createElementNode() to accept NsBindings by reference, because 
it turns out it's not even a source-compatible change. You can no longer do 
things like this to pass "no namespace bindings":

    theResponse = theFactory->createElementNode(lNullParent, lNodeName,
      theUntypedQName, true, false, NsBindings());

(which is done several times in the http-client module). Instead, you have to 
declare a local NsBindings instance and pass that by reference.

If we're going to go so far as to break source compatibility too, then I would 
actually change the API to accept a *pointer* to NsBindings, because passing 
NULL would be far more reasonable for the "no namespace bindings" case (which 
seems like it would be a pretty common case). If we don't want to break source 
compatibility, though, then we should just leave it as-is (in which case this 
branch can be merged in its current state).
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