> include/zorba/item.h: Docs do not say what happens, if
> getBase64BinaryValue is called when the item is streamable.

> include/zorba/item_factory.h: "whence" isn't the most commonly used word
> (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/whence) maybe we could use another one
fixed (although the comment was originally written by a native speaker ;-)
> src/runtime/base64/base64_impl.cpp:43 is it ok to ignore the result of
> consumeNext because the input can't be an empty sequence? If so, should
> we add a comment?
this is common practice in almost every iterator. It's not possible that
consumeNext returns false if the sequence-type of the function doesn't allow
the empty sequence.

> Could we implement Base64BinaryItem::getStringValue() using
> Base64BinaryItem::getStringValue2(zstring& val)?

> Does Base64BinaryItem::getStringValue2(zstring& val) work if val is not
> empty? It seems that theValue would be prepended to the current content
> of val. Could we implement this method by emptying val and calling
> Base64BinaryItem::appendStringValue on it?
fixed & done

> StreamableBase64BinaryItem::materialize():
> - Is there a reason for the number 4048?
no - I have no idea what the best value would be

> - In general those might be a lot of re-allocations, if the item is a
>   little larger (e.g. if the item is 1MB, we've got more than 250
>   re-allocations). I'm not sure where the right trade-off is, but it
>   seems that this parameter might become expensive (if someone
>   materializes a large item that should be streamed …)
Yes, it's really expensive if the stream is not seekable. The situation
is much better if the stream is seekable but I have no idea how to improve
the materialize if not.
> I just hope that src/zorbaserialization/zorba_class_serializer.cpp works.
me too
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