Review: Needs Fixing

Seems to work fine :)

There are some minor things that I've fixed myself. Among them is a new test. 
However, I actually intended this test to do something else that it does now. 
The intention was to replace the string value of the "name" pair with and XDM 
value and to verify that the index will indeed be updated. However having a 
string as the value leads to a type error, as the key expression of the index 
cannot be evaluated anymore … so I replaced 2 "wrong" pairs with one "right" 
pair instead, which is close but not quite there …

I also found some other stuff that I would like to keep open for discussion:

The build fails if ZORBA_WITH_JSON is turned off . More generally it seems that 
we are giving up on using ZORBA_WITH_JSON to turn JSONiq off. Is that intended 
(agreed on)?

Some comments in the StructuredItem class would help (e.g. the semantics of 
getStructuredItemRefCount is not immediately obvious).
Should we have zorba::store::Item::isStructured()?

There should be a template function for SimpleJSONObject::setTree and 
SimpleJSONArray::setTree and for SimpleJSONObject::isInSubTree and 
SimpleJSONArray::isInSubTree (and possibly others).

It would be nice if there was no additional member needed for 
XmlTree::theStructuredItemRoot (not sure how to do that though ..).

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