Thanks for the review.

- I pushed a fix for the build.
- I double checked the @project tag, they all look correct. I change XQDoc to 
XQDoc Core to make it more explicit.
- Regarding Functx.xq, it was my understanding that this would require to 
update third-party modules manually. Also functx happens to be manually 
modified already (the namespace is different). I am not convinced about this 
@project tag solution, please let me know if you would like me to drop support 
for it.
- I can add a test for checking for the @project tag. Which test in particular? 
There is a module that doesn't appear in the documentation (the debugger one). 
Again it all comes down on the @project tag support. I would be happy to drop 
support for the @project tag. From my experience of building xquery 
documentation, I am not convinced at all about his usefulness.
- Regarding the dependency graph, could you please put it back yourself? I was 
not able to do it myself as it was highly coupled with the old codebase.

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