> The function env:add-var-decl() does not take type declarations into account
> (i.e., the "as" attribute of a <param> element).
I have added the missing information in the driver.
However I did not see any improvement in the no. of tests passing: this is 
caused by the fact that the value of the variable contained the type also.
Nevertheless this should have been fixed: thanks for pointing this out Markos.

> Also, what is the purpose of the (starts-with($param/@select,"'")) condition
> in env:add-var-decl-with-value() and env:add-var-decl-without-value()?
Usually a select value that starts and ends with ' means a relative URI that 
the driver needs to resolve against the base URI of the environment.

Also when the 'declared' attribute is set to true, this means that the variable 
declaration is already part of the 'test' itself, so no additional variable 
declaration is needed, only the binding of the value needs to be done.
That is not documented in the FOTS schema, yet it is the intended use of the 
attribute looking in the FOTS test cases that use it.

I did a refactorig of the code for the variable declaration and setting the 
values for the variables:

As a result:
1) declaration of variables with a value defined in the environment are handled 
in 'env:add-var-decl-with-value'
<param name="d" as="xs:date" select="xs:date('2003-09-07')"/> and
<param name="uri" as="xs:string" 
select="'http://www.w3.org/fots/docs/works-mod.xml'" declared="false"/>

2) the variables that should be declared but have no value declared in the 
environment are handled in 'env:var-decl-without-value'

3) the binding of the variables defined in the 'test' itself is handled by 
<param name="x" select="2" declared="true"/>
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