>> - why do we need to pop the entire stack in the destructor of the loader
>> (shouldn't it be always empty)?
> It won't be empty if an exception is thrown.
Makes sense.

>> - can the huge number of catch clauses in the loader be reduced by only
>> catching a base class without loss of semantics?
> No.
> Actually, I was going to open another bug after this was merged (since the 
> bug existed before my changes).  The old (and still current) code catches the 
> exception and throws a new exception passing the existing what() message -- 
> that's wrong since the what() message from the json::* exceptions is only in 
> English (which is fine since json::* exceptions should never be seen by the 
> user anyway).
No, it didn't do that before. In the old json_loader.cpp, only parts of the 
were exposed. For example, the result of e.get_token().

> There really need to be diagnostics entries in the XML file for all the error 
> messages.
> Also, why are all JSON parser errors squished into the single JNDY0021 error 
> code?  Error codes are free.  Why not have one error code per parser error 
> (just as I did with my JSON module)?
I don't think they are free from an XQuery point of view. There is no 
derivation of error codes
in XQuery. You can catch either one or all with one catch clause. Splitting 
JNDY0021 into
many error codes effectively means that the user has to catch all of them if he 
wants to
catch a parsing error. Does this make sense?

>> - changelog entry is missing (for the new feature and the two fixed bugs)
> What bugs?
https://bugs.launchpad.net/zorba/+bug/1081626 and the duplicate one. I think 
you included
the patch I appended to this bug, right?

>> I added Ghislain as a reviewer. He needs to make changes to the JSONiq spec 
>> and,
>> hence, at least needs to agree on the name of the option.
> I was going to add him as a reviewer myself when I was "done" (which I'm not 
> quite).  I was trying to spare him the useless spam e-mail from launchpad 
> until I was "done."  So much for me trying to be nice.
Sorry, I didn't know that you were not done, yet.

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