Review: Needs Fixing

- Could you give an example in the documentation of uri:parse and show a 
resulting URI object?
- The names of the variables are all upper-case. I know that we don't have any 
coding conventions for it but the names in the full-text module are all 
lower-case. Should we be consistent here?
- uri:parse("foo:bar?") returns "[err:XQST0046]: "bar?": invalid URI literal: 
"63": invalid character code-point"
  1. why?
  2. the function documentation doesn't mention that this could be raised
- uri:parse("";) returns { "scheme" : "http", "host" : 
"", "path" : "/bc" }. Should it return the query part as empty in the 
JSON object?
- one test doesn't seem to succeed in the queue
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