Review: Needs Fixing

- I like the signatures and the documentation

- The two modules should both live in the same branch process (subdirectories 
process/v1 and process/v2) for the versioning to work the v2 one needs to be 
added first and then the v1 one. If we don't want to change all of our 
infrastructure immediately, we need to have both versions installed.

- update license header to 2013

- create_result_node(...) in process.cpp is not used anymore

- such as "sh" on Linux or "cmd.exe" on Windows.  => such as "sh" on Unix or 
"cmd.exe" on Windows. 

- import module namespace process = 

process:exec("export", "", "foo=bar")
  gives me

  "exit-code" : 139, 
  "stdout" : "", 
  "stderr" : "execl: No such file or directory\nID: 80 Referenced URI:\nID: 94 Referenced URI:\n";

- the referenced uri message seems to be related to a memory leak
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