Review: Needs Information

> 1. Do we need to promote this to version 2.0 of the EXpath module? Isn't the
> public API exactly the same, as defined by EXpath? I understand the
> implementation is different, but I don't believe that's relevant for module
> versioning.
> 2. (Possibly the same question) Do we need to keep the old version of this
> module, what we're calling "1.0"? Again, they have the same interface, so why
> would anyone care about importing one or the other?

I agree, let us keep the same version.

> 3. FYI the XQDoc has a link to the scripting tutorial on http://www.zorba-
> . That might even be a broken link now, but it should presumably
> be updated to .
> 4. Also FYI, the example given (reading the Zorba blog RSS feed) almost
> certainly won't work, since (a) the URL is old and (b) our blog isn't working
> at the moment.

Fixed, will be committed soon.

Now that we have updated the core XML HTTP client in zorba to be based on the 
new core JSON  HTTP module there is some code replication here and in the XML 
HTTP client to convert XML requests into JSON requests and JSON responses in 
XML responses (600 xquery lines) + error catching and rethrowing.

1) Ignore the replication, (the XML http client will be removed at some point?)
2) Create a non-advertised module for doing the conversions? Are there some 
best-practices in Zorba?
3) Base the module on the XML http client which is based on the JSON http 
client (4 conversions for one request)

Personally I would go with 1 or 2.

Your team Zorba Coders is subscribed to branch lp:zorba/http-client-module.

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