Is the code replication exact, or very nearly exact? If so I think I'd go with 
option 2. (If it was only 50-100 lines of code I'd pick option 1, but 600 lines 
seems like rather a lot.) I suspect that the XML http-client will be with us 
for quite some time.

I agree that option 3, while clean, probably has too much conversion overhead.

I'm not sure if there are any best-practices here for implementing #2. As far 
as I know, there's no real concept of a protected module. For now, just make it 
a new module in the core with the conversion functions public, and a big XQDoc 
comment stating that this module isn't intended to be used by anyone other than 
the two http-client modules and that we make no promises about maintaining the 
API or the module itself.
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