Review: Needs Fixing

- Why is "normalized" in ZORBA_NORMALIZATION_FORM_FULLY_normalized in 

- ./bin/zorba  -q '"üöä"' -z "encoding=bar" "method=text"  > foo
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'zorba::XQueryException'
  what():  "bar": value for parameter "encoding" invalid; $valid values are: 
xml, html, xhtml, text, binary, json, jsoniq

  - Why the "$" in "$valid"?
  - Why is "xml" a valid encoding value
- ./bin/zorba  -q '"üöä"' -z "encoding=ISO-8859-1" -z "method=text"  > foo
mbrantner@santacruz:~/zorba/build$ file foo
foo: UTF-8 Unicode text, with no line terminators

  Why does it not return ISO-8859-1?
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