I want to have number of news folders and news subfolders, which contains only news. I want to achieve that when I'll add news to one folder this news will be only display in this folder. 
I've changed in  /portal_skins/plone_templates/news:  
<div metal:fill-slot="main"
tal:define="results python:container.portal_catalog (meta_type='NewsItem',sort_on='created',sort_order='reverse',review_state='published',path='/'.join(here.getPhysicalPath()));
                 Batch python:modules['Products.CMFPlone'].Batch;
                 DateTime python:modules['DateTime'].DateTime;
                 b_start python:request.get('b_start',0);">
But despite of this changes it looks to doesn't work correctly - every folder and every subfolder desplay ALL news from site. What is wrong what should I change?
Many greetings and thanks for every answer and clue!  
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