Hi Ajit,

ajit mote wrote:
>     i am  new to ZPT ....
>     i want to know that how ZPT is sepetating content from logic and
> DTML is not seperating?...
>     woking on DTML and not able to distinguish how these two are
> different?.....
>     hoping detail description fo r above.....

Well, ZPT on it's own is the /presentation/ side of the piece. Usually
one would express application or business logic in a Python script, and
use ZPT for presentation.

I've never used DTML on any non-trivial development, so I'm not in a
good position to compare the two, but if you want more of an example of
how a script and ZPT work together, I'd be happy to expand on that.

>    Thanking u to all in advance b'caz now i have hope that somebody will
> definetly answer to me NOW and in FUTURE also.

Sorry, I didn't quite follow that bit.




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