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>       please clear me " can we implement busines logic in ZPT?"

I would say "no" - you /could/ "sort of" do so, up to a point (by using
Python expressions and possibly calling Python scripts from the ZPT),
but it would be a mistake.

My starting point for TTW development is always a folder with a
Script(Python) called "index_html", and a template called "index_pt".
What the template does is wholly controlled by the logic of the script -
the last thing the script does is call the template.

My background was in "old style" ASP before I discovered Zope, and it
took me a while to stop thinking in terms of "template calling script"
and think instead of "script calling template". Now that I have that
mindset, I find the combination of ZPT for presentation and Python for
logic very natural.




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