makes a lot of sense to me since the attributes belong to XHTML, whereas


does not at all, for the opposite reason, ie, the variables have nothing to
do with XHTML; only with TAL, therefore they should be hidden from XHTML
space and stay where they are: within a tal:define. Otherwise, it's like
having a Python module with the variables defined outside in an HTML file.

My nobody's 0.02€

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> Subject: [ZPT] Re: [Zope3-dev] attr name space (was: RFC: abolishing
> python:expressions)
> Alexander Limi sent this note to the zope3-dev list:
>     http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-dev/2005-December/017270.html
> Essentially, he proposed that we introduce additional namespaces to
> allow each define or attribute to be computed in a separate attribute,
> something like this:
> > <a attr:href="some/url"
> >    attr:title="some/title" />
> There's been a good bit of discussion, with both proponents and
> detractors.  I'll try to summarize fairly; if anyone thinks I've
> mis-represented what's been said, please correct me.
> Proponents say:
> - Using ";" and multiple lines to define variables is hard to read.
> - Using ";;" as an escape is difficult to understand.
> - Separate attributes are easier to handle for XML tools (no
> semicolons with any meaning)
> - More consistent syntax, no need to learn a special way to separate
> several attributes/defines
> Opponents say:
> - The more limitted attribute set makes it easier to verify using schemas.
> - Order of evaluation could not be well-defined without being arbitrary.
> - More namespaces means more to learn.
> Continuing discussion should take place on the ZPT list, since this
> affects more than just the Zope-based ZPT users.
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